How to Stream Your Gaming Session from PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X


Streaming video games has evolved from a niche hobby to an everyday aspect of gaming culture. PC gamers once dominated the streaming streets. However, the latest generation of consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, enable users to stream directly from their consoles without needing an expensive and powerful computer to do the donkey work.

Although your streams and overall production will look more professional and of higher quality if you incorporate a capture card and PC, they are not needed to start streaming your gameplay online. Keep reading to learn all about streaming video games from the latest consoles.

Does Using a Capture Card and PC Improve Stream Quality?

Streaming direct from your console negates the need to own a capture card and PC. However, some people prefer streaming through a PC so that they can use advanced features such as OBS Studio and OBS Counters, the latter of which you can find on this website. The main problem with using a PC is its components must be quite powerful; you need a machine with a strong CPU, plenty of RAM, and a decent graphics card. If you only use your PC to browse social media platforms, catch up on the news, or claim online sports betting bonuses, it is likely not up to the task.

A good PC enables you to stream at higher resolutions and bitrates, gives you more precise control over audio sources, and can reduce game performance issues because the computer does all the heavy lifting.

In short, directing your console's stream through a capture card and PC improves its quality, but only if it is powerful enough to handle the tasks.

Why Stream Your Gaming Sessions?

The reasons for streaming gaming sessions are as varied as the games themselves. For many, streaming is a social activity that allows them to connect with like-minded people who share their love for video games. They may share tips on navigating a challenging level or show others how to defeat a powerful boss.

Others stream to feel part of a community. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube provide a haven for gamers to interact with one another in real time, creating a more interactive and engaging experience than producing traditional video content.

Then, there is the possibility of monetizing content. Popular and successful streamers can turn their hobby and passion into a revenue stream; some earn enough money to earn a living by streaming content full-time. Streamers can earn money through advertising revenue, subscriptions, sponsorships, and viewer donations.

Elite streamer Ninja, whose real name is Richard Tyler Blevins, is one of Twitch's highest-earning stars. He shot to fame through his exceptional skills in Fortnite and now has over 18 million followers on Twitch alone. Media reports suggest Ninja makes around $500,000 per month, with a significant percentage of that revenue stemming from sponsorships and subscription fees.

Away from interacting with others and making money from streaming, some gamers stream to keep a personal record of their gaming achievements.

How to Stream Directly from a PlayStation 5


Now that you know why people stream video game sessions and that a top-end PC is not required, let's look at how you can turn your trusty PlayStation 5 into a streaming machine!

The PlayStation 5 offers built-in streaming capabilities, so it is straightforward to start streaming without additional hardware. Be aware that you must have

an active PlayStation Plus subscription

to access online features.

You must link your PlayStation Network account with a streaming service like Twitch or YouTube. Head to Settings > Users and Accounts > Link with Other Services, and select the streaming platform of your choice.

Once you have linked your PlayStation Network account, you can start streaming by pressing the Create button on your DualSense controller. Select "Broadcast" from the menu and choose the streaming service you want to use. Tweak settings such as video quality and camera options and input a title.

All that is required now is to select "Go Live" and stream your session to the world.

How to Stream Directly from an Xbox Series X

Streaming directly from your Xbox Series X is almost as simple as doing so from a PlayStation 5 but with one main difference. The Xbox Series X needs a dedicated streaming app, meaning you need to download the Twitch app from the Microsoft Store.

Once the Twitch app has been downloaded and installed, sign in with your Twitch credentials, go to the "Broadcast" tab, and customize your stream's settings. Select "Start Streaming" once your settings are configured to go live.

Tips For Console Streamers

Your biggest issue as a console streamer will be your internet connection, which must be fast and stable. We recommend connecting to the internet via an Ethernet cable rather than WiFi. Those streaming in 720p resolution need an upload speed of at least 5Mbps, with 1080p streams requiring 10Mbps. Try not to download or upload large files while streaming, as they can be detrimental to your connection's speed.

It is recommended that you invest in a webcam and a quality microphone. A webcam, like the PlayStation Camera, can help with audience engagement. A good-quality microphone can significantly enhance your stream's audio, allowing your audience to hear you clearly over the game's action.

In the early days of your streaming career, you will be your biggest cheerleader. While some viewers may accidentally stumble across your channel, promoting it on social media platforms and gaming-related forums is the best way to gain a larger following. Shout about your channel and follow a regular schedule so viewers know when to tune in.


Streaming your gaming sessions from a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X can be a rewarding and potentially lucrative experience. The fact you no longer need additional hardware has opened up streaming to a much wider audience, with players from all walks of life entering the world.

Consoles offer streamers a convenient starting point. However, combining your console with a capture card and a PC can elevate the quality of your content while giving you greater control over its customization. The choice is yours.

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