OBSCountdown's Rounds Timer: Elevate Your Content Creation

What is OBSCountdown's Rounds Timer?

The Rounds Timer by OBSCountdown is a web-based tool designed to help content creators manage time-based events, rounds, or segments in their streams or videos. Whether you're hosting a game show, a cooking session, or a competitive gaming tournament, this timer can keep your content organized and engaging.

Key Features

The Rounds Timer offers a range of features that can elevate your content creation:

  • Customizable Countdowns: Set custom durations for each round or segment, and the timer will display a countdown in a visually appealing format.
  • Visual Alerts: The timer provides visual cues as the countdown approaches zero, making it easy for you and your audience to keep track of time.
  • Audio Alerts (Pro Feature): With the Pro version, you can enable audio alerts to further enhance the viewer experience and ensure no segment is missed.
  • Multiple Layouts: Choose from various timer layouts to match your branding and style, ensuring a seamless integration into your content.
  • Browser Source Compatible: OBSCountdown's Rounds Timer can be easily integrated into OBS Studio or other streaming software as a browser source.

How to Use

Using OBSCountdown's Rounds Timer is straightforward:

  1. Visit the Rounds Timer page.
  2. Customize the timer settings, including the number of rounds, durations, and layout options.
  3. Click the "Start Timer" button to begin the countdown.
  4. Copy the provided browser source URL.
  5. In OBS Studio, add a new browser source and paste the copied URL.
  6. Position and resize the timer within your scene.
  7. Go live and enjoy a seamless, organized content presentation.


OBSCountdown's Rounds Timer offers content creators a simple yet powerful solution for managing time-based events in their streams and videos. With its customizable features and easy integration, it's an excellent tool for maintaining engagement and structure in your content.

As you experiment with different content formats, consider incorporating the Rounds Timer to enhance viewer experience and keep your content flowing smoothly.

As content creators strive to engage and captivate their audiences, interactive elements like timers can add a layer of excitement and structure to streams and recordings. One standout tool that has caught the attention of many is the "Rounds Timer" from OBSCountdown.

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