Browser Source YouTube live counter: likes, views and viewers for OBS Studio

Result will appear here to refresh the URL you must click again on Get Browser Source

Read this guide on how to obtain a free YouTube v3 API Key. The key is saved in a cookie for when you return!

Video ID is usually 11 characters long EX: RiPPVolwh2s

Be careful because a crawling time that is too low could result in you over your YouTube quota. The ideal crawling time is 10s this will alsow allow the animations to flow smoothly.

Browser source YouTube Live counter likes, views and viewers - OBS Countdown

Introducing the new Browser Source YouTube live counter created to be used in OBS Studio to enhance your live-streaming experience! Whether you are an influencer, a gamer, a musician or a content creator, this application is here to help you make the most out of your YouTube live stream.

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What is YouTube Browser Source Live Counter?

Elevate your YouTube Live streaming experience to new heights with our cutting-edge Live Statistics Counter, seamlessly integrated as a browser source in OBS Studio. This powerful tool empowers content creators by providing real-time insights into crucial metrics that define your stream's success.

Instantly display your viewer engagement with live likes, views, and viewer counts in a captivating visual format. Whether you're hosting a gaming marathon, live tutorial, or virtual event, our counter ensures your audience remains engaged and motivated as they witness the numbers climb. With customizable design options, you can effortlessly tailor the appearance of the counter to match your branding, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your stream.

Gain a competitive edge and make data-driven decisions on the fly as you witness the impact of your content in real time. Our YouTube Live Statistics Counter not only enhances the visual appeal of your stream but also deepens your connection with viewers by fostering a sense of community as they witness the collective excitement. Elevate your streaming game today with this indispensable tool and transform your YouTube Live sessions into captivating, interactive experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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