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OBS Studio Browser Source Stopwatch

Streamline Your Broadcasts: Effortlessly Integrate a Custom Stopwatch - OBS Countdown

Stopwatch configuration

You can configure the appearence of the stopwatch directly inside the browser source window under custom CSS field as follows.

h1.stopwatch-timer{} Style anchor for the stopwatch title
.stopwatch{} Style anchor for the stopwatch timer
.btn-start{} Style anchor for the stopwatch start button
.btn-stop{} Style anchor for the stopwatch stop button
.btn-play{} Style anchor for the stopwatch play button
.lap-table{} Style anchor for the stopwatch laps table, if you want to hide it you can just apply the display: hidden style
#LapList{} Style anchor for the stopwatch laps lines

What Does our Stopwatch Measure?

Our stopwatch, can measure time in three ways and download the results as a CSV file

  • Cumulative. This records how long it takes between one event and another. For one, the time is taken for an athlete to go from the starting point to the finish line.
  • Laps or splits. This shows the time between a series of events, such as how long the runner runs each lap.
  • Cumulative and laps. This measures the time between a series of events and in total. For instance, the time taken for a sprinter to run each lap and the entire race in total.

What is a stopwatch?

A stopwatch is a timepiece designed to measure the amount of time that elapses between its activation and deactivation.

A large digital version of a stopwatch designed for viewing at a distance, as in a sports stadium, is called a stop clock. In manual timing, the clock is started and stopped by a person pressing a button. In fully automatic time, both starting and stopping are triggered automatically, by sensors. The timing functions are traditionally controlled by two buttons on the case. Pressing the top button starts the timer running, and pressing the button a second time stops it, leaving the elapsed time displayed. A press of the second button then resets the stopwatch to zero. The second button is also used to record split times or lap times. When the split time button is pressed while the watch is running it allows the elapsed time to that point to be read, but the watch mechanism continues running to record total elapsed time. Pressing the split button a second time allows the watch to resume display of total time.

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