Embarking on your adventure in Valorant

Isn't just about having fun, it's also about aiming for the stars and climbing up the ranks. You may find it tough to level up at first, but remember, every pro player started as a beginner too. Improvement comes with time and practice, especially in a game as deep as Valorant. To get really good and reach those coveted higher levels, you've got to pinpoint what you're not so good at. Maybe your aim needs some work, or perhaps it's your ability to predict what the enemy will do next (that's called 'game sense'), or it could even be how you move your character. What's most important is that you keep believing you can get better, and always seek to learn more. These Valorant tips will help you take your game to the next level.

How to Be Good at Valorant?

How to Be Good at Valorant?

  1. Know the Agents

    With 22 unique agents, Valorant offers a diverse range of abilities, roles, and even hitbox sizes, making agent choice a central element of the game's strategy. Beginners may want to start off with agents like Phoenix or Sova, engaging in casual game modes such as Team Deathmatch or Swiftplay. These modes provide the perfect environment to get familiar with each agent's toolkit. After you've become comfortable with an agent’s abilities, step into the competitive arena to refine your skills. Keep an eye out for new additions to the roster, such as the recent agent Deadlock. While it's tempting to try out new characters in ranked matches, doing so can be disruptive to the team's dynamics. Instead, take time to practice with new agents in less intense modes before bringing them into competitive play.

  2. Improve Your Connection

    One option to achieve a smoother gaming experience is to use a VPN for Valorant. By properly routing traffic through the best VPN for Valorant, you can reduce server latency. If you find a good VPN for Valorant, this is not the end of the road. You also need to choose the optimal VPN server, which means their number should be quite large. VeePN has gaming VPN servers and in general it has more than 2500 VPN servers around the world. If you are wondering, can you play Valorant with a VPN, then the answer is yes. This is not illegal.

  3. Communication is Key

    VALORANT thrives on teamwork - communication is key. Leverage either voice chat or the game's ping system to share vital details, orchestrate team plays, and pinpoint foes' locales. Remember, silence isn't golden in VALORANT. Speak up, collaborate, and watch as your gameplay seamlessly improves.

  4. Map Knowledge

    Understanding the layout of the game environment is a pivotal element in honing your skills in VALORANT. You're not expected to memorize the map off by heart, but you should stay vigilant and absorb the details, especially when navigating new terrain. Familiarity with a map encompasses a grasp of the common terminology used by players within that specific arena. Standard phrases like "A Site," "B Hall," "Heaven," "Hell," and "Mid" are universal, yet each battleground comes with its own unique set of identifiers. Let's take a look at some location-specific terms that can enhance your gameplay. Being conversant with these designations enables effective communication and coordination with your teammates throughout the match.

  5. Be Wary of Your Spending

    Valorant features an in-game economy that allows players to purchase and enhance their weapon inventory at the beginning of each round. If you excel in combat situations, consistently taking down opponents and defusing bombs, maintaining a robust virtual wallet won't be a challenge. However, if you find that not every round plays out in your favor, it may be wise to conserve resources. Economical strategy is key—judiciously saving currency during less successful rounds can empower you with the top-tier equipment needed to sway critical moments in the match. In fact, the issue of finances concerns not only the game and you should protect your funds on the Internet through a free VPN for Microsoft Edge or another browser. That is, any payments should be made securely.

  6. Know All the Weapons

    After exploring the various agents and maps, you're ready for combat. Starting the battle requires choosing your weapon. In Valorant, you have a selection of 5 sidearms and 12 primary weapons at your disposal. Each firearm offers unique handling, allowing for personalized tactics—factor in bullet velocity, precision, and impact. Mastering the 'first shot spread' is essential; it's the key to landing that initial crucial hit in a game where precision is everything. Notably, the Phantom boasts the finest first-bullet accuracy among Valorant's arsenal.

  7. Having Warm-up Sessions

    Warming up before diving into competitive matches is crucial for peak performance. Jumping straight into the game without preparation often results in subpar performance — exactly what you want to avoid. Adequate warm-up routines can greatly enhance your readiness, giving you an edge against your adversaries in the heat of battle. You have a plethora of warm-up options at your disposal, including deathmatch sessions, aim trainers like Aim Labs, and even the in-game practice range, among others.

  8. Get a boost

    As you explore the diverse agent roles and master their abilities, a Valorant ranking boost could help you further refine your skills and elevate your gameplay.


Our last piece of advice is to stay positive. Maintaining a positive outlook is beneficial in every aspect of life, and it's particularly vital when navigating through your VALORANT endeavors. Keep your spirits high, even during the rough patches. Keeping your concentration keen is essential, as it paves the way to triumph. Implementing these strategies lays down the groundwork for your success. Who knows? With dedication and hard work, you might just find yourself on the trajectory to esports stardom. Remember, consistent practice, effective collaboration, and the ability to adjust are the cornerstones if you aim to reach the pinnacle of VALORANT progress. Wishing you all the best, agent.

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